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With over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacturer of radiators and towel rails we are proud of our heritage. Take the short read below to learn more about our history, philosophy, mission and approach to production.


Our History

IRSAP was founded in 1963 in Arquà Polesine in the Province of Rovigo, Italy. The company started with the production of radiators in pressed steel. Three years later in 1967, IRSAP launched a new style of radiator called TESI, Tubular radiators were still unknown in Italy at the time and IRSAP was the first in the market, paving the way for the future success of the multi-column radiator. In 1981, IRSAP came out with NOVO, the first bathroom towel warmer produced in Italy. NOVO embodied an innovative way of perceiving radiators, no longer only as functional heating elements but also as décor and home accessories in their own right.

Offering a range of colours, shapes and sizes allows the selection of a heating element that reflects and enhances the interior décor of the home or office. This approach has been a constant mainstay of IRSAP throughout its evolution. IRSOL was founded in 1978 for the production of solar energy systems and electric radiators. In 1996, IRSAP entered the air-conditioning sector with a complete range of products.



The continuous expansion of the range, the addition of on trend colours, and the many variations in sizes all provide more than 500,000 different possibilities. Offering each customer a radiator that completely satisfies their various needs for a truly customised solution.


The current IRSAP multi column collection is the reinterpretation of a radiator which ever since the early '70s has represented the archetype of domestic heating; enriched with unprecedented finishes, forms and functionality.


The same levels of production quality combined with highly expressive design distinguishes the IRSAP collection, and further innovation of designer models with a strong personality and visual presence continue to differentiate IRSAP from the competition


We create the ideal climate for the best growth of our future.

Improving the quality of life in every type of room through innovative products, systems, and services, while paying the greatest attention to human needs and the protecting the environment: this is the IRSAP mission.


Green Approach

Protecting the environment for the sake of everyone

The efficiency and energy savings ensured by IRSAP products provide the response to modern needs for comfort, aesthetics, practicality, and green spirit while generating wellness in complete safety with respect for the environment. Ongoing research and orientation towards the production of "sustainable" products have always represented the Group's values.

The extraordinary process of technological growth has brought IRSAP to develop the ideal products for latest-generation of construction projects, the most modern low temperature systems, and others offering elevated performance in line with the requisites of the latest Green building techniques. IRSAP Group itself has embarked on the virtuous path of green development and is now taking important steps in various directions, perhaps the most significant of which is energy savings at its Italian productive units.


These plants satisfy around 70% of their power requirements today using renewable energy sources thanks to photovoltaic systems created for the purpose to provide energy reductions in carbon dioxide emissions of approximately 5 million kilograms every year.


IRSAP is an Italian leader today and one of the leading producers in the European heating market. IRSAP Group unites companies and trademarks that have been working all over Europe for years with production units in Italy and Romania and sales offices in France, Spain, Germany and the UK.


Each Group member places itself at customer's complete service for the design of innovative solutions, and working together they make IRSAP the Italian leader and one of the key points of reference in the European heating sector.


The strength and versatility of the IRSAP Group lies precisely in its capacity to capitalise on all these different experiences and optimise specific skills and knowledge in order to offer fully integrated  products and services.



Innovation for continuous development

Lively creativity and ingenuity express themselves today as yesterday in continuous research for avant-garde technologies, innovation and the development of new products, shapes, surfaces and finishes.


This extraordinary process of technological growth and skill in the science of materials lets IRSAP offer products that save energy, lower costs, and respect the environment. Remarkable thermal efficiency and high heat output make IRSAP radiators the ideal solution for the latest-generation building industry and the most modern low temperature systems.


Continuous research in design and close collaboration with prestigious design studios and university institutes led to the creation of "design radiators" years before radiators were considered elements of décor in their own right.

Image by Andrew Coelho


Photovoltaic Production

Actual Power

703.00 kW

Produced Power

8,599,128.26 kW

Co2 Emission

3.491.25 t

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