IRSAP Group is now one of the leading Italian manufacturing groups, a key player in the European heating and air-conditioning sector. Operating from two production sites for radiators: Arquà Polesine (Rovigo) and Cluj Napoca (Rumania). There are four sales offices in Europe: France (Lyons), Spain (Barcelona), UK (East Grinstead) and Germany (Hildesheim).


The production and office space amounts to 500,000 m2; IRSAP Group has always focused on translating its heritage of knowledge and experience into the design of innovative products for climate control systems, and as a result has now become one of the most widely known groups working in the heating and air-conditioning sector. Obtaining the fullest economic and strategic value from its business units and brands, carefully constructed over the years has brought the Group a strong and instantly recognisable reputation for technology, innovation, and reliability.

Our Plants


Via delle Industrie,

211 - 45031 Arquà Polesine (RO)



C/. Leonardo da Vinci,

4 - 08850 Gavà (Barcelona)



19 Chemin de la plaine

69390 Vourles



Str princip. 1/A

47336 Fondatura/Iclod Cluj



Units 13-14 Charlwoods Road

East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 2HU 



Gewerbegebiet Ost, Gutenbergstraße 30 - 38

D-31180 Emmerke b. Hildesheim



IRSAP was the first company in Italy to be awarded UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Company Quality Certification.

All IRSAP products are certified pursuant to EN 442 (the relevant standard in effect), whereby all radiator manufacturers/resellers must have their products certified by recognised organisations. The heat yields and CE mark of IRSAP products are certified by Milan Polytechnic. IRSAP also collaborates with CETIAT, a French laboratory for “NF” product certification (and the voluntary “NF Electricite” certification), with GOST in Russia and ZIK in Croatia.

IRSAP is a member of MARC, - the Manufacturers' Association of Radiators and Convectors - is an organisation established to give a particular voice to the radiator and convector industry, focussing on the specific needs of, and issues faced by, manufacturers and distributors of radiators with factories in the UK and/or Europe.

IRSAP for over 50 years is being operating in the civil and residential air conditioning field, creating heating and controlled mechanical ventilation systems.

We are dedicated to making products and systems with the aim of improving energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and quality of life within residential buildings. IRSAP products are designed and manufactured to ensure the highest performance using the modern renewable energy sources.

IRSAP, for this reason, has decided to start a partnership with Casa Clima Agency of the Province of Bolzano.

That's why with the wide range of solutions dedicated to both new buildings and renovations, IRSAP will use the prestigious brand KlimaHouse and will be presented in the list of manufacturers suggested by the Agency



Production in Italy

IRSAP Headquarter is situated in Arquà Polesine, near Rovigo in northern Italy. Our production facilities cover about 830.000 ft2 with another 108.000 ft2 for our commercial offices.


Here we produce our multi column tubular range along with design and stainless-steel radiators.

Every year about 400.000 tubular radiators are produced in the factory, this is about 4 Million sections a year.

Production in Romania

Our IRROM Factory is situated next to Cluj-Napoca, second largest city in Romania and one of the oldest in the country.


Here IRSAP produces tube-on-tube and tube-in-tube radiators with about 11.000 ft2 for offices, and with the addition of our recently completed construction program we now have about 300,000ft2  of production and warehouse facilities. This gives us a capacity of about 2.000 radiators to 4.500 towel warmers per day.

Every year about 6k tons of tubes of all shapes are utilised, that’s about 9.600 km of tube every year, basically the same as going from London to Tokyo!