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Need to replace your old radiator? why not make your home more elegant, colourful, etc...

Style and colour solutions for your home.

If you’ve decided to face the complete restyle of your home, with this comes the opportunity to replace your old radiators, but where to start?

No problem, with a few small suggestions, the choice of new radiators will be easy, fun and you'll be able to reflect the look and style across your home, perfect harmony!

Harmony, in fact, is the key word, both in terms of colour and style.

Radiators are no longer an exclusively functional element, they can be real decorative objects on which to focus, another way to express your style and personality.

First of all, consider the interior style you want, have you chosen a minimal and geometric style or are you more fascinated by soft and sinuous lines, traditional or contemporary? Whichever you opt for there are radiator designs to match. Radiators with square and clean lines, round tubes with softer lines, flat tubes and slats for stronger more dominant statements and multicolumn designs reminiscent of the original cast iron styles of Victorian times.

You can also look for the same harmony of design in the bathroom, for example, trying to match the look of your sanitary fittings or brass ware with that of the radiators: choose rounded pipes for example if you have chosen an oval-shaped bathtub or sharper lines if you have opted for square-shaped taps.

Or, if you fall in love with a style or shape, whether square or round, flat or oval, you might think of using it in every room of your home, simply by differentiating the radiator for the living areas and the bathroom: vertical elements for the living area and the ever popular ladder rail for the bathroom. There are lots of choices of size, orientation and matching towel rails in most ranges.

Once you have identified the common thread to the style of your furniture, focus on colour!
Here you are really spoilt for choice: you can play with tone on tone to make the radiator stand out or blend in as much as possible by matching a colour tone.

Or you can choose to match it to the kitchen units, for example, or simply by referencing the colour of some pieces of furniture.

The same concept applies to the bathroom, you can look at matching or complimenting, the tiles, taps and brassware, whether coloured, chrome or satin:

Radiators are a key item in any room and now there is no reason to hide them behind covers or sofa’s, make the most of the and make them part of your interior style.

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