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Hope and Gratitude

These are the words that best represent what I feel on this day.

We still have a long way to go back to "normal", but I dream that this day is a "new beginning".

I want to use May 4th first of all to thank our collaborators.

In these days when the company has remained open, I have seen in their eyes the concern, sometimes the fear, but also the desire to give their contribution, to tell me "I am here!

On this day I would also like to thank all the people who, since 1963, have helped our company to become what it is today.

Who has promoted our radiators, who has exhibited them, who has assembled them, who has solved a problem with us, who has had the patience to wait for a delivery, who has transported them, who has supplied us with components and materials.

All this has also happened in these days,in the midst of so many difficulties.

But also simply say thank you to those who, in recent weeks, have called us just to ask "how are you?

And Hope...

Hope that what each of us have learned in this period is the basis for change.

We need more solidarity, more time for us and for the people we love, to give more value to small daily gestures, to live surrounded by trust and not distrust ....

We look to the future with hope; Irsap is there and ... it will be there!

Fabrizio Rossi


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